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Throughout the world, Toastmasters has helped more than four million men and women give presentations with poise and confidence since its’ founding nearly 80 years ago in October 1924.

Toastmasters learn:

  • at the lectern, giving either prepared speeches on topics of their choice
  • or speaking “off the cuff” for two minutes on “table topics”, which can be any kind of subject.

How it works:

  • A manual guides novices in basic components for successful speaking, such as organization, eye contact, gestures and voice control.
  • More experienced Toastmasters work on advanced skills and longer speeches. These include area like humorous or dramatic storytelling, public relations, and technical presentations.

Celebrities like comedian/actor Tim Allen, and Tracy Wilson, CBS commentator and Canadian Bronze Medalist in Ice Dancing have benefited from the Toastmasters program too.

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